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Strategic (re)design of the training cycle for SUAS professionals in the Municipality of São Paulo

Strengthening the Training of Social Assistance Professionals


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Programa de Desenvolvimento Integral (PDI)  + ONG Vocação + CONDECA 


The network of professionals working in Development and Social Assistance services in São Paulo is extensive and complex. This network comprises not only public servants but also professionals from civil society organizations (OSCs) that implement a significant portion of state services (about 17 at the time of the project).

In this context, the NGO VOCAÇÃO is responsible for the Integral Development Program (PDI), which supports the public policy of Continuing Education for the training of professionals in the Unified Social Assistance System (SUAS).

VOCAÇÃO requested support for restructuring the Program's methodology, including the review of the Strategic Planning of the Integral Development Program (PDI) and the Training Paths for all professionals involved.

The challenge was to bring clarity to the context and translate the complex language of the topic into tangible, actionable, and effective solutions and materials, thereby aligning multiple stakeholders.


Through immersion to strategically understand the program with various stakeholders, it was possible to redesign journeys, directly impacting the planning and implementation of the Program Cycle: the Program Articulation Journey with key decision-makers and the Professional Training Journey (with their respective objectives, themes, involved actors, and tools).

The outcome was the Redesign of the PDI Strategic Plan, with the provision of visualization tools and instruments that improved access and understanding of actions and initiatives for all stakeholders involved in the program. The structured framework for the Program Cycle supports the potential scaling of the policy to other territories and municipalities.


The redesign carried out by Futurar enhanced VOCAÇÃO's delivery presentation to different stakeholders, from the central management of the Secretariat to the services. It clarified the Program, facilitating the search for resources and its potential expansion.

“FUTURAR FUTURAR impacted the alignment processes regarding the institutional delivery, fostering dialogues that shed light on our operational scenario."
Milton Santos -  Project Manager at the time  - VOCAÇÃO

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